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The home of the International Hunyuan Research Institutes. Use the right navigation menu to explore Hunyuan; education, exercises, literature, videos, Xinfa Center and upcoming seminars.

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The Hunyuan Research Institute contributes in the following areas:

a. Research and development of Hunyuan medicine: Refining the Hunyuan medicine principle to achieve better clinical results, developing clinical methods and strategies to provide help to patients with debilitation and difficult to diagnose diseases.

b. Education: provide introductory and comprehensive education for patients and practitioners in Hunyuan medicine and lifestyle.

c. Xinfa Center: An online education and clinical center, providing to everyday people daily health advice and support.


PostHeaderIcon About Hunyuan

The Hunyuan Research Institute, founded by Dr. Yaron Seidman is dedicated to promoting and improving Hunyuan Chinese medicine around the world.

The Hunyuan Research Institute was founded in the USA by Dr. Yaron Seidman D.A.O.M., drawing Chinese medicine practitioners from around the world who together develop and uphold the life principle of Chinese medicine. Today, local Hunyuan Research Institutes spring forth in countries all around the world, bringing the message of Hunyuan medicine to practitioners and patients on every continent. The purpose of Hunyuan is to re-establish Chinese medicine as a life principle medicine, a medicine that can supplement and better the modern materialistic view of healthcare, disease and remedies. Fellows of the Institute now include senior Chinese medicine practitioners who have been practicing TCM for decades, senior Western medicine doctors, new graduates from TCM schools, other professionals and lay people who want to learn and understand more about their own life and health. Hunyuan medicine is deeply rooted in the Chinese medicine classics, but it is neither limited to nor confined by them. Hunyuan medicine involves researching forward and developing life principle in order to reach the deepest understanding of why and how we live, the source of disease and the best approach to remedy it. In a world where a new “connectedness to nature” consciousness is developing, the Hunyuan Research Institute finds itself on the forefront of remaking a materialistic TCM into a life medicine; a Hunyuan medicine.