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Way Of Hunyuan















  Way Of Hunyuan/ Chen Zhonghua

244 pages published in 2002. 

According to master Chen, the classic tenets on Qigong must be understood and accepted in order to gain the maximum benefit from this antiquated discipline. This book did just that. It provides authentic information from ancient China on the subject of Qigong.

Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang's Hunyuan Qigong system is used in this book to illustrate the richness of Qigong in health, in self-cultivation and in martial arts. The book is filled with personal experiences. Qigong glossary at the book's end makes it a useful reference source.

Master Chen Zhonghua is a famous martial artist and Qigong master. He received his training in China from grandmaster Hong Junsheng and grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, two of the greatest martial artists in China.

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