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Our institute develops articles, books and videos featuring the Chinese classics and, when appropriate, their relationship to infertility treatment and well being of future generations. We wish to create a depot of information about Classical Chinese medicine, Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism and ancient Chinese history and script.

Our website contains two sections;

1. Public Area- requires Free Registration and includes public articles, videos and announcements.

Important: When registering make sure to fill in a proper name like John Smith ,in addition, the first letter before your name should be 'a', so your name should look like aJohn Smith. Any registration with a name that looks like jjxxdde or doesn't begin with the letter 'a' will be deleted. After you fill in the required fields press 'enter'.

2. Member's Area - requires Annual Subscription and includes scholarly articles and video lectures.

Enjoy our website and come back again. Updates and new information is posted frequently.


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Find out how you can become certified in Hunyuan Medicine and Classical Chinese Medicine. Follow this link Hunyuan Certification Course 2015

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