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Friday, 12 February 2010 01:37

Liu Lihong talks about Fu Zi

Excerpt from the second symposium of supporting the Yang, Beijing 2008.


To conclude my discussion I would like to talk a bit about problems associated with Fu Zi. Last night I gave a lecture at Beijing TCM University and thus I didn’t have a chance to participate in the discussions over Fu Zi you had. I am certain that many issues were discussed. Tonight I would like to supplement and talk about the problem arising from the geographical location of Fu Zi. There are many areas where Fu Zi is grown, however when talking about the genuine growing place of Fu Zi it is Jiang You (prefecture in Sichuan province). Fu Zi concentrates outside Long Men Shan龙门山(which is a Thrust Fault (1)). It is affected by the dragon Qi龙气of heaven and earth and with that becomes Fu Zi of Jiang You. This is why Jiang You Fu Zi is unlike Fu Zi from other areas. Studying it from eugenics (2) point of view it is very eugenic. This is because Jiang You Fu Zi alone demands transplanting of seedlings. Other kinds of Fu Zi allow, immediately at time of harvest, to plant the seeds. From genetics point of view this is inbreeding. Yet, Jiang You Fu Zi requires hybridisation. One must take the seedlings produced in other areas and bring them here to plant right around winter solstice冬至. This point allows everyone to see its eugenics. Without this transplanting method, Jiang You Fu Zi cannot grow well. Other locations’ Fu Zi is not like this. It can grow without transplantation and this is a great difference.

These climate and planting factors are the ones that shape the place道地noted for this product. Dao represents the climate and timeliness of it. Di represents the favorable geographical position. This is why only Jiang You Fu Zi is planted around winter solstice 冬至 and harvested at the time of summer solstice 夏至. Fu Zi from all other locations is (planted and harvested) somewhat later. For example Han Zhong Fu Zi, Yunnan Fu Zi are all (planted and harvested) late. Yunnan Fu Zi is actually much later. So, from point of reaching this Dao得道 , Jiang You Fu Zi is within the Yang spectrum. In winter solstice the first Yang is born, while in summer solstice the first Yin is born. It is growing exactly in this spectrum. While we speak of supporting the Yang, Fu Zi is extremely important. It tonifies directly the Yang in the water trigram . It enters directly the water trigram palace. It tonifies directly the pre-heaven. This is why it is the number one most essential herb for supporting the Yang. We must be clear on this point.

In addition, I heard that you discussed already yesterday the existing problem of Fu Zi preparation. Matsre Lu (Chonghan) talked about it as well. This problem is indeed grave. We are all determined to tread the path of supporting the Yang, which also means treading the path of uprightness, returning to uprightness. With such esteemed colleagues who have these kind of aspirations, we must all be concerned about the problem of Fu Zi. Be troubled about the Fu Zi industry, and how jointly to solve this problem. This is since Jiang You Fu Zi shrinks one year after the other. Now, for example, Xi Jiao犀角(rhinoceros horn) cost few hundred thousand or close to a million per pound. Xi Jiao can save life, it can heal disease, it can rush to save shutting down syndrome. At the same time, under even more situations the energy is exhausted at the critical stage of illness 脱证 and it requires Fu Zi to rush and save (the patient). However, why is it so that the value of Fu Zi cannot increase then? In our economy-oriented society, the economy is a lever. Only after the value increases that the farmers will energetically go and plant it. Only then will it become possible to follow the strict traditional rules of preparation. We must come up with a solution how to produce truly good quality Fu Zi. It must create a sharp contrast to the presently available Fu Zi, including its value. Thereafter, other kinds of Fu Zi will align up to it. Only in such a way will it be possible to solve the current Fu Zi situation, or otherwise it will be extremely difficult. In the past we ourselves didn’t want to consume the herbs. Now, as we can get hold of genuinely Jiang You Fu Zi, I started taking myself the medicine prescribed by my teacher. Its effects differ greatly indeed.

Let me bring a recent example. A 87 year old woman became ill with exhaustion, because her entire lungs were severely infected with pulmonary tuberculosis. The lungs facing cancer and exhaustion that at last the western doctor gave up and abandoned the idea of rescuing her. Without a choice she returned home and waited for her death. Family members were sent to look for me. Since this old lady at one point in the past was my patient, I was rather familiar with her case. (When they came) I was at the clinic and had no way to go for a home visit, so instead I wrote for her a prescription of Si Ni and Li Zhong四逆理中的方子. I used Jiang You Fu Zi, because her diarrhea, being Shao Yin related, was severe. Every day, she had unstoppable diarrhea more then ten times. Soon after taking this formula, the patient rapidly arrested the diarrhea and gradually came back to herself. Later on I went on a trip to Malaysia, as one of the patient’s family member came again to look for a remedy. This time they found one of my students and he gave them more or less the same prescription. However this time the herb (Fu Zi) was not the same, and every day the patient had diarrhea twenty times. After I came back, they came to look for me again. I gave them the same prescription while only changing to a Jiang You Fu Zi. The patient recovered again and now had diarrhea for only two or three times. Before coming here to Beijing the patient’s daughter and son came to see me and reported that the feeding tube was removed and she could eat an egg on her own. The patient became alive again. Going through this moved my heart. It doesn’t matter how well are we prescribing the formula, if the quality of the ingredient is inferior, we cannot reach to our anticipated effect.

As a result we must have a sober recognition of Fu Zi. Everybody prescribes Fu Zi even though we don’t understand the least bit about it. In addition, these days using Fu Zi there is also a situation of a certain anxiety, everybody makes a great effort on making breakthroughs in the Fu Zi quantities used. Should it be like this? We must consider carefully. (For example,) even though we say that supporting the Yang is upright (the way medicine should be practiced), why then are we forced to call it supporting the Yang “School”. It is because the social climate at present is like this, and so we must act like this(calling ourselves a school of thought). We have a mutual responsibility to bless and protect it. Just like a newborn that we naturally protect. We must think of the overall situation. This is the principle. We must not, because of one showing himself off or one encountering a problem, allow “one excrement of a mouse to ruin the entire pot of soup”. Last time at the academic conference of the old master Li (Ke) I already expressed this feeling. Master Wu (Rongzu) holds the same opinion. Six months ago I went to the USA and heard many talk about the poisoned milk from China. How unpleasant to the ears! At present our food industry is viewed overseas as a great calamity. While we still propagate advertisement, even though in the past there were times abroad that people didn’t want to buy ‘made in China’, they still bought it. However, now they absolutely don’t buy it. It is very painful! 30 years of reform and opening to the outside world fell down to such a low level. What is the most pity of it all? The reputation! If people give you no credit it doesn’t matter what you’ll do, you are ruined. The Chinese nation for several thousand years held sacred sincerity and honesty.  If sincerity and honesty are gone then everything is ruined. So using this melamine milk powder example lets think about it. Milk powder is not toxic, while melamine is. One can’t get kidney stones from milk powder, however after eating melamine one can get stones.  Now everybody knows that if you cook well Fu Zi there is no toxicity, however the Dan Ba (3) one cannot boil off.  Do we know what is the Dan Ba content in today’s product? The Dan Ba in Fu Zi in extreme cases exceeds the allowed safe quota. This (Dan Ba) is not like Wu Tou alkaloids that can dissolve in high temperatures leaving no toxicity. In contrast, the more you cook the Dan Ba the more concentrated it gets. How much Dan Ba is there in 1000 grams of Fu Zi? How much toxicity towards the kidneys is there? In one ten-thousandth of cases there are few people who took Fu Zi and collapsed. Lets think about it, in today’s medical world, even if nothing happens people want to sue you, let alone if something does happen. None-the-less, what are we really facing? We are occupied with supporting the Yang. We want to carry forward this school of thought. We want to be the spearhead. What kind of effect will we create? I sincerely hope that everyone today will ponder over this problem. We must have an overview of the entire situation in mind. Off course, when it is called for a “rush to save” situation we must use heavy dosage in order to rush and save and bring back the patient to life. At this time, one must not have second thoughts and dosage must be heavy. All should know what is requested from everyone, for example with normal ailment, where we should not use such a heavy dose, then we must not use a heavy dose. This is naturally so. My teacher took (the subject of) Fu Zi and lifted it to such a height in the hope that everybody together will be concerned with this problem and hereafter jointly make great effort at it.


(1)   Thrust Fault is a break in the Earth's crust across which there has been relative movement, in which rocks of lower stratigraphic position are pushed up and over higher strata. They are often recognized because they place older rocks above younger.

(2)   The study of selective breeding in order to create a better next generation.

(3)   Dan Ba- chemical used in the processing of Fu Zi.


Copyright © 2010 Liu Lihong

Translated by Yaron Seidman

Posted at Hunyuan Research Institute with permission

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    最后我想谈点附子的问题,因为昨天晚上到北京中医药大学去做一个讲座,所以就没有机会参加昨天附子的讨论,我想肯定讨论了很多问题,这里简单的补充一个附 子的道地问题。很多地方都有附子,而我们讲真正道地的附子是在江油,附子是在龙门山外结集的,感受天地的龙气,成就了江油的附子,所以江油附子跟外地的附 子不同。从优生学的角度看,它是非常优生的。因为惟有江油的附子是要移苗,移种的。就其他地方的附子,在采收的同时就可以把种子种下去了,从遗传学角度看 就是近亲繁殖。而江油的是“混血”,就必须把其他地方的移到这里来,冬至前后种下去。由这点大家可以看到,它是优生的。不这样,江油的附子就没有办法生, 长不好。而其他的不这样也可以生,这是一个很大的区别。

    由于这样一个天地气侯、种植等等各方面的因素,就造就了道地。道指的是天时,地指的地利,所以实际上也只有江油的附子冬至前后种,夏至时候采,而其他地方 的附子都要晚一些,如汉中的附子,云南的附子,都要晚一些,云南的附子晚得更多。所以从“得道”这一点来看,江油的附子都在阳局里面,冬至一阳生,夏至一 阴生,就在这个局里面。我们讲扶阳,附子是非常重要的,直补坎阳,直入坎宫,直补先天,所以它是扶阳第一要药,我们要清楚这点。

    另外,我想昨天大家已经都探讨了附子炮制所存在的问题,卢师也谈到这个问题。这一个问题很严重,我们大家立志于扶阳的路子,也就是立志于一个正脉的路子, 回归正脉,有志于这样一些的同仁,我们都应该来关心附子的问题,关心附子的产业,怎么来共同解决这个问题,因为现在江油的附子一年比一年萎缩。现在的犀角 几十万将近一百万一公斤,犀角可以救命,可以治病,抢救闭证。而更多的脱证是要附子来抢救的,但为什么附子的价值不能够上去?在经济社会里面,经济是杠 杆,只有价值上去了以后,农民才有可能积极去种,然后才有可能规规矩矩按照古法去炮制。我们要想办法制出真正好品质的附子,要跟当前市场的这些附子形成鲜 明对比,包括价值。然后其他的附子向它看齐,这样才可能会解决当下的附子问题,否则非常困难。以前我都不想吃药,现在能够弄到一些真正江油的附片我才开始 吃师父给开的药。这个效果真是相差很远。

    我举一个最近的例子:87岁一个老太太生病,衰竭了,因为整个肺严重感染,肺结核,肺癌待排,衰竭了,最后西医没办法放弃抢救了,没办法就回家等死。家属 找到了我,因为这个老太太曾经是我的老病人,我比较熟悉。那时候正好在门诊,我就没办法到家去看,就直接给她开了一个四逆理中的方子,用江油附子,因为她 少阴的腹泻已经很厉害了,每天拉十多次,收不住。这个药一吃下去,很快就收住了,人就慢慢活过来。后来我到马兰西亚去了,病人家属又去复诊,找到我的学 生,这一复诊还是原来的药方差不多,可是用的药不同,又是拉,每天十多二十次。回来以后找我,还是这个方子,改成江油附子,病人又慢慢好了,现在一天两三 次。我这次来京之前,病人的女儿儿子找我,说胃管都拔掉了,可以吃一个小鸡蛋,人活过来了。这个经过很令我触动,我们开的方子再好,如果药的质量不行,就 达不到预期的效果。

    所以,我们对附子要有一个清醒的认识,大家都在开附子,但是我们对附子一点也不了解。现在用附子有一种令人担忧的局面,大家在附子的量上不断地努力,不断 去突破,需不需要这样?我们要慎思。既然说扶阳是一个正脉,可是为什么现在我们勉为称之为一个学派呢?因为现在气侯的就是这样,没办法,我们只能这样。所 以,我们有共同的责任去呵护她,就像一个出生的婴儿呵护她,我们一定要有全局的思想,这是一个原则。不要因为逞一己之能,因为出一个问题,一颗老鼠屎就搞 坏一锅汤。我上次在李老的学术会议已经讲了,表达了这样一个心意,吴老师也是这样一个观点。我上半年到美国,听到那边都在说中国的毒奶,这个名字多难听! 现在我们的食品工业在海外可以说是灭顶之灾,我们现在还在打广告,虽然过去在海外是能不买中国食品就尽量不买,但还是要买,现在是绝对不买。很痛心 啊,30年的改革开放落到这样一个地位,最最糟糕的是什么?信誉!如果对我们没有信誉了,我们再怎么样都完蛋了,中华民族几千年是诚信为先,诚信没有了, 一切都完蛋了。所以从这个三鹿奶粉事件我们应该想到,奶粉是没有毒的,三聚氰氨是有毒的,奶粉吃不出结石,可是这个三聚氰氨能吃出结石。但是现在大家知道 这个附片是煎煮好了就没有毒,可是胆巴是煎煮不了的,我们知道现在胆巴含量是多少吗?附子里的胆巴严重超标,它不像乌头碱高温以后就降解,就没有毒性了, 而是越煮越浓。1000克的附子里有多少胆巴?对肾的毒性有多少?万一有几个人吃附子倒了之后,大家想想看,现在的医疗市场没事都要告你,何况有了事?那 么我们面临的是什么?我们想扶阳,我们想去弘扬这一门学问,我们想做先锋,最后我们起到了一个什么样的作用?所以,我再一次很诚恳地希望大家思考这个问 题,我们一定要有全局的思想,当然我们在抢救的时候一定要重剂才能抢救回来,这个是毫不留情,一定要重。可是拜托大家,如果对一般性的疾病,我们不需要那 么重的时候,我们就不要用那么重,这也是资源。师父把附子提了那么高的程度来看,希望大家一起来关心这个问题,今后共同去努力。


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