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Hunyuan Certification - Classical Chinese Medicine & infertility- Webinars

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China Study Trip - In The Fire Spirit, June 2012.

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The Hunyuan Fertility Method founded by Dr.Yaron Seidman, is based in the ancient Chinese classics and Huo Shen Pai (Fire Spirit School) . A truly heroic method of treatment that seeks to reconnect individuals with their root power, enabling miraculous transformations of human conditions.

Hunyuan certification program is offered to licensed acupuncturists from the USA and around the world. It includes six modules of Hunyuan Method theory plus one module of clinical practicum. Modules are in webinar classes' format (video and audio conferencing with live interactive exchange). Each module is one month long and includes 4 classes - 2 hours each (Tuesdays, 10:00AM-12:00PM US Eastern time, 7:00-9:00AM Pacific). The entire certification course contains a total of 48 classroom hours + 80 hours practicum recordings +50 hours of class assignments and research papers. Six theory modules + practicum module have a total of 178 hours (class and home). Classes are taught by Yaron Seidman DAOM unless otherwise specified.

Dr. Seidman in

 Tokyo, Japan 2008 Part I (41:15)   & Part II (45:35)

With Spanish subtitles  Part I (41:15)   & Part II (45:35)

 Mid-Wales, UK 2011 Watch video (1 hr 7 min)


Portland, OR, USA 2011 watch video (1 hr 5 min)

Barcelona, Spain Interview English/Spanish watch video (2 hr 9 min)


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Module I – The Foundation

Huang Di Neijing selected Chapters. Understanding foundational principles of classical Chinese medicine.

 View module syllabus

Module II - Chinese medicine's classical approach

Importance of Yang in the classics and the "Fire Sage School (Huo Shen Pai)"

Tai Yang, Shao Yang- significance, treatment strategies; herbal, acupuncture and case studies.

 Gui Zhi Ma Huang Fa - Gui Zhi Ma Huang combination method

 Zheng Qinan (founder of Huo Shen Pai) selected quotes and discussions


  View module syllabus

Module III - Yang versus Yin

Yang Ming, Tai Yin - significance, treatment strategies; herbal, acupuncture and case studies.

 Yin Yang & Fire Spirit

 Ling Shu selected quotes and discussions

Life & Spirit

  View module syllabus

Module IV - The core of infertility

Shao Yin- General concept, advanced and developed concepts.Master Ke Qin and Shao Yin formulas.

 Si Ni Fa- Si Ni combination method

 Shang Hanlun selected quotes and discussions

Fire Spirit, Fu Zi, herbs and herbs' tpxicity

  View module syllabus

Module V - Wars and victories

Jue Yin - General concept, Organs, Shan Zhong, Fire inner circle, water outer circle. Jue Yin syndrome and formulas.

 Hu Yaozhen & Hunyuan origin- a personal story.

Zhang Zhicong and Shen Nong Herbs

Hunyuan Herbs' directions- acceleration and slowing down.

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Module VI -In footsteps of the sages

Zhang Zhicong- Ben Cao Honourable Origin and the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing selected herbs and discussion.

The additions of the year foundations and advanced research.

Universe, origin and traditional way of study.

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Module VII -Case Studies

  Case studies, analysis, treatment strategies and logistics- recordings of Dr Seidman treating patients.

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Graduation and certification

For graduation and certification all six modules + practicum should be completed and paper assignments  fulfilled. If you don't fulfill all paper assignments a final exam will substitute.

 What happens if I miss a class? All classes are recorded. You will be able to log in and view the missed class. You will need to submit the written assignment for the class.

What if I can't take the classes on Tuesdays? You can watch recordings of the classes and participate in our live forum. You will still need to submit your assignments in order to graduate.

Class and module assignments are designed to help you review the class.

Active students  will have access to a private chat room discussing topics related to the course.


You will learn how to differentiate infertility patterns with classical Chinese medicine thinking. You will be able to help patients who chose the IVF and ART path, and most importantly you will be able to help patients overcome their infertility naturally, using only Chinese medicine and Hunyuan method without the use of drugs or IVF. Best of all you will understand the Chinese classics better and elevate your skill as a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Graduates who are active professional members of the Hunyuan Research Institute will be listed on our referral page with their contact information.

Tuition Cost

$3200 for the entire six Hunyuan Theory modules (includes one year professional membership in the Hunyuan Research Institute).

$780 for Practicum module VII ($1200 if done independent of certification course).

*Optional: add practicum recordings from 2011 course $480.

Total cost for six Theory Modules + Practicum module $3980

You can also take one class or view its recording, not part of the certification program as view only (not interactive). Cost: $225.

The six Hunyuan Theory modules and practicum module are taught by Yaron Seidman L.Ac. DAOM in English and Chinese -Mandarin, unless otherwise specified.

To reserve your space email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Payment Terms

 Tuition is non-refundable after December 1st, 2011.

Hunyuan Certificate – what does it mean?

Hands on training- interactive learning

The Hunyuan certificate can only be awarded to active Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists. Acupuncture students and other professionals will be awarded a participation certificate.

Certified Hunyuan practitioners are listed on the Hunyuan Research Institute website, which will include their contact information, as long as they remain active members of the Institute (annual dues apply).

Graduates of Hunyuan Certification course may repeat same course for 10% of the cost in following years.

 Certified Hunyuan practitioners may display the certificate in their clinic, designate themselves a 'Certified Hunyuan Practitioner' and use the Hunyuan method to treat patients.

See what fellows in 2011 course have to say:

 The course is excellent. Yaron has a depth of inquiry that is uncommon in this field. In a world where most people who translate are engaged in reproductive knowledge, Yaron arrives with passion, depth and a creative spark.

Will Morris http://aoma.academia.edu/WillMorris

 When I was a young boy my mother liked to drink wine.  But it was pretty cheap wine, the kind you can purchase for just a few dollars for a large gallon jug.  It was wet, it wasn’t bad, and you could drink it.  But I never liked it.  At some point when I was older however, I had my first taste of really very good wine.  In an instant I understood what all the fuss was about.  The taste was rich and deep, as if I could feel the soil on which the grapes were grown.  One sip and I could know the mind and the loving tender care of the vintner.  And I could never go back to not knowing what quality wine was.

My study of Chinese medicine is the same.  After two decades of study and over a decade of professional practice I am finally beginning to see and taste the real depth of classical medicine.  The Hunyuan course was deep in meaning and rich in material.  It has tried to present the true guiding principle of Chinese medicine, the “one thing” (一以貫之) that is the Dao of our medicine.  I bow to Yaron for his great effort in presenting his understanding of medicine, and I bow to all the other class participants for their effort along the way we all have traveled and hope to travel for many years to come.  The course has altered the way I look at medicine and I don’t think I can go back to something simpler.

Henry McCann, DAOM, LAc http://www.newjerseyacupuncture.com/

The course is excellent, Yaron's approach to Chinese Medicine and life as a whole echoes with depth and brilliance. That's why the course is just brilliant. I find it demanding, challenging and full of life.

Yaron's contribution is nothing but great!!
Mattias Hallén, Sweden

Yaron's course is remarkable in its depth and its ability to challenge how you think about Chinese medicine.  It leads you on a journey into the classics, both Nei Jing and Shang Han Lun and earlier pre-Han Dynasty texts which are never explored in Chinese medicine classes.  His grasp of this material helps to guide you into the paradigms of the ancients through the study of characters and translations of commentaries mostly ancient but some more recent.  The shift in thinking which this study engenders involves a lot of work on the student's part, but the practicum portion of the class helps enormously to keep it concrete.  The class has motivated me to dig deeper than I ever imagined I would into this material and it is changing how I think and how I see and practice in the clinic.  I have fallen back in love with studying because the fruits are so rich and juicy.  Yaron's dedication to sharing this material is enormously valuable to the Chinese medicine community.  

Sally Rappeport  www.sallyrappeport.com

I don't have much to critique, rather many humble thanks.


First, thank you for your time, work and effort involved in putting a class of this caliber together, I could never have imagined the amount of information I would have after only 6-months. After many misguided years, I feel I finally have a solid foundation to begin to build upon.


Thank you for opening a whole world of Chinese medicine and philosophy, from a new perspective in reading characters to all the texts one must undertake to grasp the practice of medicine. I have never been so proud of the field I have chosen to devote my time to, any question of it being the right choice are now completely erased.


Thank you for working so hard to improve the practice of Chinese medicine all over the world, that is no small task.


Most of all, thank you for your honesty and sharing the truth you have found with each of us, I know I have become not only a more confident and competent practitioner, but also a better person in so many ways after going through this course.


I truly look forward to spending the next 6-months reviewing this year's material, working through the extra reading, and the many years of studying Hunyuan in the future.


Until next time,

Tristin McLaren http://www.birdandbeeacupuncture.com/


To all interested in understanding  Chinese medicine, Yaron has nailed it with his development of 'Hunyuan' school of thought. He has taken his jump off point in Zheng Qinan's ' Fire Spirit' school of thought and re-examined the prominent  pre-modern medical  texts, which we had all been introduced to in our training (Huang Di Nei Jing , Shang Hun Lun)  and developed further an understanding which could only be summed at this early stage of my journey as a revelation to understanding what the ancients had to say about health & disease. The fact 'Hunyuan'  can be applied to fertility comes as no surprise but it's applications to the essence of Chinese medicine is of a far greater significance. 
don't miss it! 
Troy Sing, Hong Kong www.chinesemed.hk
I like this course a lot.  I do like the idea that there is not emphasis on "infertility" or western influence like there were mentions of in the last class (I think just the first module).  I love that what Yaron teaches is for developing a way of understanding, and not for memorizing or classifying or copying, which I feel is what real learning is about.  That it demands a change in character and behavior and outlook, and not that the information is brought to the person where they are and they just now know an extra thing or two.
 Yonathan Hormadaly

My interest is growing in this years class.  I really enjoy the practicum.  It helps me to put the theory to work. I also have been getting a lot out of the questions posed to Yaron.   Since I believe that this is a lifetime of study and a different approach than TCM, I am always wanting to review and review Yaron's lectures.  I believe that this class has surpassed last year's class.  It has also helped that I am trying out Si Ni Fa and getting a hands on feeling for this approach.  I still am trying to grasp all the concepts but I know it all takes time.  I also wish that I could be on the classes "live" but it is too early on the west coast. 
Thank you for your inspired teachings.  

I am currently taking a course with Yaron Seidman. We go through a topic such as Shao Yin - reading not only what the Shanghan Lun says and not only what the Neijing says but also many other ancient texts. We go line by line and often Yaron takes us back to a text, commentary or dictionary from over 1000 years BC to delve into an ancient character so we can consider what they might have been pointing to. We touch on Mencius, Confucius, Zhuang Zi etc. It is very very rich. One thing I like about the class is that we are constantly encouraged to contemplate for ourselves what they might have been talking about. The clinical conclusions Yaron draws in his own excellent work come from such a firm and deep basis and yet he encourages us to make the medicine our own as he does. 

Until this class, I don't think I ever really understood the roots of the medicine so deeply - not that I understand it now but I am getting a sense of how deep and rich they are.

Sharon Weizenbaum White Pine Institute 


See what fellows in 2010 course have to say:

I have been practicing Chinese medicine over 34 years and Yaron's course is the most thought provoking course I have ever taken. 

Stuart Zoll DOM Founder of The Zoll Center

having practiced for over 25 years, in 6 months with Yaron I have attained my dream of truly grasping the essence of the Chinese medicine classics which has transformed my clinic, wow!
Alex Kolaczynski Founder of www.apricotforest.co.uk

I have been studying with Yaron Seidman since this past summer.  He came to the Huang Huang course last July and to the left is a rare and wonderful photograph of Yaron on the left with Eric Brand and Andy Ellis having a laugh in front of White Pine.   The course I am involved in meets every Tuesday night at 9:00 EST - my bed time.  Luckily, the class is recorded and posted so I can take my time catching up.  The course ends in November.  Yaron will be starting a new series in January of 2011 which I highly recommend.  I took this course because I was familiar with and inspired by the work of Liu Lihong, Yaron's main teacher.  Yaron is a link in the lineage of the Huo Shen Pai (Fire God lineage) which is adept in the use of Fu Zi.  Yaron leads his students deeply into a study of the classics, the Nei Jing and Shang Han Lun as well as into the work of many commentators.  I find the course difficult.  I have to listen carefully and take it slow, really pondering what is being offered.  However, when I take this time, I am rewarded with a very visceral understanding.  In fact, much of what I have been working with in Chinese medicine, in terms of Yin Yang in right relationship and the phases of the Shang Han Lun is being articulated - which I find very exciting.

If you haven't already, please enroll me in the next course.  I'm really excited about it.  

Btw, I've been powering through the current course again before you take it down, and I'm starting to get the fundamentals better and better and learning new things.  Your course is like a fine wine, getting better as it gets older.  If you can, you should try and save it some where in case you decide to make a dvd, do an automated course, etc.  These classes are really invaluable to people like me.  No one else is teaching these concepts in the US, except maybe for Heiner, and from what I know, he doesn't offer a full course.  So if you decide that you don't want to teach this course in this form anymore, at least people will have something to learn from.  

 As an expert in Women's Health and a practitioner for 17 years, Yaron has inspired me to dig deeper to the root of Chinese medicine. I am very grateful to participate in his course.

 Robin Saraswati Tiberi, DAOM, L.Ac, RYT 

 A note from Yaron Seidman

Dear prospective Hunyuan fellow,

This course is not a regular TCM-school course. Classical concepts, at times, are difficult to master and require considerable review and dedication, yet this dedication is truly rewarded. You don't need to be a master in order to join this course, but rather you should desire to become one.  When exposed to deep concepts of the classics, regardless if you are a seasoned CM practitioner or a recent graduate, the root is moved and this whole medicine takes a different turn. At times shaking the root leads to a brief insecurity or hesitation, yet when this fades away the tree becomes firm. The mastery of the art becomes like in the old days. Graduates of the course can retake the course for a fraction of the cost, as it is clear to me that one run may not necessarily bring us all the way to our destination.

I am proud to have joined in 2010 & 2011 courses with many excellent fellows, each one of which is, in my eyes, a Chinese medicine hero.