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Yaron with Zen master Lu Xiaolong


Yaron with heart medicine master Gan Liao


master Liu Baigu, lineage holder Huai Xuan school


Yaron Seidman, Zhao Jun and master Liu Baigu


 Yaron Seidman & Zhao Jun

News about Hunyuan practitioners arriving in Shuang Liu to visit Liu Zhitang's tomb and study Huai Xuan theory.

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问道槐轩文化 外籍中医执业者赴我县学习交流
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At Liu Zhitang's tomb.


In China one would burn fake paper money, however for sages who have reached the Dao one burns plain yellow paper, symbolizes their virtue requires no additional support.


Offering incense.



Liu Zhitang's Tomb stone


off the beaten path to Liu's tomb.


In Shuang Liu's Huai Xuan Research Association


Hot springs in E Mei Shan


View down from hot springs


E Mei Shan mountains



Practicing Hunyuan Taiji every morning



Qi Li Ping village


Gu Qin master 


In the temples


Alex , Teja, Yaron and Menachem


 Yaron, Chris, Teja, Menachem,Mattias, Jean, Eric, Dianna, Zhao, Alex


Attracted by the Huai Xuan culture, on June 29th a group of Chinese medicine professionals from USA, Australia, England and other countries arrived at our county's Peng Zhen town, Yang Ping village to pay an official visit to "the master West of the river" Liu Yuan burial ground. It was reported that these Chinese medicine professionals from USA, England, Australia Israel, Sweden, who practice Chinese medicine and have their own clinic back home, in order to improve their clinical skills, under the leadership of Harvard University associate and Chinese medicine Doctor Yaron Seidman, arrived in Sichuan to study with different masters, including the fire spirit school that was founded by Zheng Qinan. Since Zheng Qinan's teacher was master Liu Yuan, they desired strongly to come to our county in order to understand better Liu Yuan and his Huai Xuan school of thought.

At that day, the foreign national friends gathered at our folklore cultural center - Shuang Liu Traditional Culture Center and explored together with the center's members the thinking behind the Huai Xuan school. "We have presented concisely to the visitors the system of Huai Xuan school, the fundamental points of view and basic thinking behind it, which was received with extreme interest." The county's cultural center representative told our reporter that even though they are foreign nationals they were deeply fascinated and submerged in the wide-ranging and profound Chinese culture, which was also the reason why they so revered and respected Huai Xuan school and Liu Yuan.

(Shuang Liu news center reporter Gan Hanyang) 

问道槐轩文化 外籍中医执业者赴我县学习交流
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受 槐轩文化吸引,6月29日下午,一群来自美国、 英国等多个国家的外籍中医执业者,来到我县彭镇羊坪村拜谒“川西夫子”刘沅的庐墓。据悉,这些来自美国、英国、澳大利亚、瑞典、以色列等国的外籍中医执业 者,都在当地开设有中医诊所,为进一步提高诊治水平,他们在哈佛大学中医博士孟亚伦的带领下,专门赴川拜师学艺,学习由四川国医大师郑钦安先生创立的中医 火神派(亦称扶阳学派)。在得知郑钦安曾师从川西夫子刘沅后,大家强烈要求到我县了解刘沅及其创立的槐轩学派。

当 日,外籍友人们齐聚我县民间文化社团——双流传 统文化研习会,与研习会的成员们共同探讨刘沅先生及其创立的槐轩学派学术思想。 “我们向客人们简要介绍了槐轩文化的体系、基本观点和基本思想,他们非常感兴趣”县传统文化研习会有关负责人告诉记者,他们虽然是外国人,却被博大精深的 中国传统文化深深吸引,这也是他们如此敬重槐轩文化、敬重刘沅先生的原因。

(双流新闻中心记者 甘翰阳)

 What participants had to say:

Receiving direct transmission from Liu BaiGu of the Huai Xuan school and the masters of the Huo Shen Pai takes Chinese medicine beyond college or text book intellect and words, to a place of deep understanding and resolve. This is known as 'Xin Fa' and to me is 95% of the work of medicine, the prescription becomes 5%. Visiting the aconite harvest was just icing on the cake. For me the experience was transformational, peaceful and calm and a life time inspiration. Thank you!

Alex Kolaczynski

I joined the scholars of the Hunyuan Research Institute this year on their pilgrimage to Sichuan, PRC, in search of the true spirit of Chinese medicine. From the moment I landed I knew that there was no where else on the planet that I was supposed to be, at that time, in that place. In a way, doing the course here alone in Australia... I felt a little isolated. Being involved in Chinese medicine in general we can feel divided from the rest of the medical fraternity. Then, when I studied Hunyuan medicine with Yaron, and I shed my TCM shell,  discovering what is at the Heart of our medicine, I am now also isolated from my TCM brothers and sisters. Going to China and studying and traveling with Yaron and my Hunyuan comrades dispelled this feeling completely, as it became clear that I was a part of something bigger, a movement in medicine that stretches across the globe, and will stretch forward into the future. Each and every day of the trip was packed with content. From early Taiji training by the river, to exploring old tea houses and temples, to intense lectures on philosophy and medicine by some of the great contemporary sages of China, to exploring sacred mountains and bathing in healing hot bathes, and of course the daily banquets of the finest local delicacies, all amongst great people.
I am certainly hoping to be able to join Yaron on his future adventures in China!
T. Jaensch, Sydney Australia.

 I went in to the trip to Chengdu with no expectations, being excited with whatever would come.  Luckily many, many good things came as you can see from the pictures above.  We were very fortunate to have such good hosts in Yaron and Zhao Jun.  Both were always making sure everyone was happy, learning, and comfortable.  Our accommodations were great, food was tasty and interesting, and best of all the company was fantastic.  Getting to meet people who were walking the same path as me was incredible and inspiring.  The lectures were all informative and helped deepen my education in Chinese medicine in ways I didn't think possible.  I feel blessed to have gone to China with the Hunyuan group, and can't wait until the next trip. 

E. Grose, Houston, TX, USA